Dishwashing products


GRUPA INCO S.A. has been making Ludwik washing-up liquid for more than 50 years. Thanks to its high quality and effectiveness, this product enjoys the unwavering trust and loyalty of consumers. Ludwik is Poland’s best-selling washing-up liquid (the number one brand in the Polish dishwashing liquids market)*. The Ludwik brand now also offers dishwashing lotions with a variety of scents.



GRUPA INCO S.A. also produces a wide range of economical washing-up liquids under the Lucek brand.




The portfolio of the Ludwik brand also includes products for use in dishwashers, including tablets, gels, powders, shining liquids and fresheners, as well as salts for dishwasher protection and dishwasher cleaning liquid.


*GRUPA INCO, data from Nielsen – retail sales panel, Poland, dishwashing liquid market shares by value, Jan–Dec 2013.


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